RN-RPM Rotational Position, Velocity Measurement and Control Process Training System


  • Basic module equipped with:

– Variable DC power supply (-10v to 0 and 0 to +10v)

 – Sine and Square wave Function generator

  • Digital controller module equipped with:
  • ATmega16 microcontroller
  • AVR programmer
  • 2*16 characteristic LCD
  • Rotational module equipped with:
  • 90volt-1800rpm DC motor in order to forming a circular movement system
  • Snail-gearbox with 11: 1 conversion ratio
  • 1024 Pulse incremental encoder
  • Mechanical tachometer for analog measuring of motor speed
  • Freewheeling potentiometer for analog measuring of motor position
  • 4-bit absolute encoder for digital measuring of motor position
  • Metal couplings for connect motor to encoder and encoder to tachometer
  • Data Acquisition module in order to monitoring, sampling and controlling the different systems (connectable to PC with RAYANNIK software and controllable by MATLAB with special RAYANNIK library)
  • Review the circuit and behavior of an opto-counter sensor in order to make a mechanical encoder
  • Calculate the rotational speed with opto-counter (and showing its value)
  • Review the signals of incremental shafted encodler and how to measure position and rotational speed with incremental encoder
  • Review the signal and behavior of tacho-meter and display speed using this sensor
  • Review the behavior of absolute rotary encoder and how to measure angel with this sensor
  • Review the behavior and signal of freewheeling potentiometer
  • Compare methods of measuring speed and angle with each other using different sensors
  • Connect the output of incremental shafted encoder to data acquisition module and calibrate it by computer
  • Angular speed control by close loop system
  • Angular position control by close loop system
  • Review the distortion effect on angular speed controller