RN-FTM Force and Torque Measurement Process Training System


  • Basic module equipped with:

– Variable DC power supply (-10v to 0 and 0 to +10v)

 – Sine and Square wave Function generator

  • Digital controller module equipped with:
  • ATmega16 microcontroller
  • AVR programmer
  • 2*16 characteristic LCD
  • Furnace module equipped with:
  • Temperature controller between 0 to 300 degree
  • Digital display
  • Cooler system with variable rotation
  • Force sensors module equipped with:
  • Mechanical system includes an education loadcell, an industrial loadcell and a torque measuring loadcell
  • Transducer module includes an instrumentation amplifier, filtering block and offset rejection block
  • Data Acquisition module in order to monitoring, sampling and controlling the different systems (connectable to PC with RAYANNIK software and controllable by MATLAB with special RAYANNIK library)
  • Review the behavior of strain gages using DMM
  • Review how to converting resistive output to voltage, noise removing and signal amplifying of a strain gage
  • Review the output of loadcell bridge in full, half and quarter situations (in different weights) and get their characteristics
  • Review the output of loadcell bridge in full, half and quarter situations (in order to torque mesurement) and get their characteristics
  • Get acquainted with identification method of industrial loadcell outputs
  • Review the amplified output of loadcell (in different weights) and get its output characteristic
  • Connect the output of a loadcell to data acquisition module and review the effect of noise and vibrations in computer
  • Review the reasons of noise and offset creation and remove them by software methods
  • Make a balance with 1g accuracy using loadcell and microcontroller module