RN-HLP High/Low Pressure Process Training System


  • Basic module equipped with:

– Variable DC power supply (-10v to 0 and 0 to +10v)

  • High-Pressure process module equipped with:
  • Air storage tank and electrical wind pump
  • Two pressure gage and industrial mano-meter
  • MPXV2200DP sensor ( accurate high-pressure sensor)
  • Low-pressure process module equipped with:
  • Two kind of pressure sensor in kilo-pascal range
  • Medical mano-meter
  • A source to generate low-pressure gas
  • Bridge amplifier module in order to get acquainted with strain-gauge and basic training for instrumentation amplifiers
  • Set-point Generator module in order to test and adjusting of desired point adjust in control process
  • Signal conditioning module in order to prepare the sensor’s signal for use in control loop
  • PID controller module in order to analog control of different processes
  • Isolated driver module
  • Data Acquisition module in order to monitoring, sampling and controlling the different systems (connectable to PC with RAYANNIK software and controllable by MATLAB with special RAYANNIK library)
  • Weatstone bridge review in half and quarter situations
  • Review and experiment of a pressure sensor with single output
  • Review and experiment of a pressure sensor with differential output
  • Review the accuracy and sensitivity of a pressure sensor
  • Review the components of an analog control loop
  • Review the pressure sensor’s offset and offset removing circuits
  • Review of feedback signal preparation circuits
  • Use a pressure sensor in an on/off control loop
  • Use a pressure sensor in a PID control loop
  • Review the components of a digital control loop
  • Use a pressure sensor in a digital control loop