RN-HLF Humidity, Level and Flow Process Training System


  • Basic module equipped with:

– Variable DC power supply (-10v to 0 and 0 to +10v)

 – Sine and Square wave Function generator

  • Level process module Equipped with:

– Transparent cylinder to view fluid level (has overflow path)

– Special pressure sensor to measuring fluid level

– Graded ruler to accurate view of fluid height and volume calculating

– Two kind of level-fluid detector (magnetic and hydrostatic)

– Special valve in order to applying distortion to system

  • Flow process module equipped with:
  • Turbine flow-meter ( an electronic sensor in order to measure water flow)
  • Rota-meter (a mechanical sensor in order to measure water flow)
  • Humidity process module equipped with:

– Two kind of analog and digital humidity sensor

  • – Display for showing humidity percent and environment temperature
  • Signal conditioning module in order to prepare the sensor’s signal for use in control loop
  • PID controller module in order to analog control of different processes
  • Isolated driver module
  • Data Acquisition module in order to monitoring, sampling and controlling the different systems (connectable to PC with RAYANNIK software and controllable by MATLAB with special RAYANNIK library)
  • Review and experiment of Rota-meter and Turbine Flow-meter
  • Compare the accuracy between Rota-meter and Turbine Flow-meter
  • Structure review of fluid-level sensors
  • Structure review of industrial level switches
  • Operation review of two kind industrial level switch
  • Review and experiment of Hydrostatic pressure sensor
  • Review of offset removing circuits
  • Review of signal conditioning circuits
  • Review of on/off controller circuits
  • Use a fluid-level sensor in an on/off control loop
  • Use a fluid-level sensor in a PID control loop
  • Use a fluid-level sensor in a digital control loop
  • Review and experiment of analog humidity sensor
  • Review and experiment of digital humidity sensor
  • Checking the components of a digital control loop
  • Hydrostatic pressure measurement by two different sensors
  • Review of 3-kind flow sensor (differential, gage and absolute)