RN-500 Full-Instrumentation Training System





  • Basic module equipped with:

– Variable DC power supply (-10v to 0 and 0 to +10v)

 – Sine and Square wave Function generator

  • Digital controller module equipped with:
  • ATmega16 microcontroller
  • AVR programmer
  • 2*16 characteristic LCD
  • Level process module Equipped with:

– Transparent cylinder to view fluid level (has overflow path)

– Special pressure sensor to measuring fluid level

– Graded ruler to accurate view of fluid height and volume calculating

– Two kind of level-fluid detector (magnetic and hydrostatic)

– Special valve in order to applying distortion to system

  • Flow process module equipped with:
  • Turbine flow-meter ( an electronic sensor in order to measure water flow)
  • Rota-meter (a mechanical sensor in order to measure water flow)
  • Humidity process module equipped with:

– Two kind of analog and digital humidity sensor

– Display for showing humidity percent and environment temperature

  • Signal conditioning module in order to prepare the sensor’s signal for use in control loop
  • PID controller module in order to analog control of different processes
  • High-Pressure process module equipped with:
  • Air storage tank and electrical wind pump
  • Two pressure gage and industrial mano-meter
  • MPXV2200DP sensor ( accurate high-pressure sensor)
  • Low-pressure process module equipped with:
  • Two kind of pressure sensor in kilo-pascal range
  • Medical mano-meter
  • A source to generate low-pressure gas
  • Bridge amplifier module in order to get acquainted with strain-gauge and basic training for instrumentation amplifiers
  • Set-point Generator module in order to test and adjusting of desired point adjust in control process
  • Furnace module equipped with:
  • Temperature controller between 0 to 300 degree
  • Digital display
  • Cooler system with variable rotation
  • Transmitter module equipped with:
  • LM35, RTD, PTC, NTC, J and K Thermocouple sensors
  • Digital multi-purpose transmitter (connectable to PC for detailed calibration)
  • J and K thermocouple calibrator
  • Low-Temperature Furnace
  • Temperature Calibrator module in order to detailed simulation of RTD and Thermocouple output (equipped with color LCD and connectable to PC and adjustable by remote controller software)
  • Standard Non-contact Temperature sensor
  • Temperature signal conditioning module equipped with:
  • Hot-box for simulation of temperature variations
  • 2-wire and 3-wire transmitters
  • Resistive sensors transmitters
  • Basic transmitter module in order to generate standard voltage (0-10v) and current (4-20ma) instrumentation signals
  • Signal conditioning circuits included low pas filters in common mode and differential mode to remove RF noise
  • Linear Displacement module Equipped with:
  • Hall-effect, Ultrasonic and Infrared sensors
  • Magnetic, Capacitive and Inductive proximity sensors
  • 50cm printed-ruler for position checking
  • Stepper-motor and belt in order to forming a linear motion mechanism
  • Rotational module equipped with:
  • 90volt-1800rpm DC motor in order to forming a circular movement system
  • Snail-gearbox with 11: 1 conversion ratio
  • 1024 Pulse incremental encoder
  • Mechanical tachometer for analog measuring of motor speed
  • Freewheeling potentiometer for analog measuring of motor position
  • 4-bit absolute encoder for digital measuring of motor position
  • Metal couplings for connect motor to encoder and encoder to tachometer
  • Force sensors module equipped with:
  • Mechanical system includes an education loadcell, an industrial loadcell and a torque measuring loadcell
  • Transducer module includes an instrumentation amplifier, filtering block and offset rejection block
  • Data Acquisition module in order to monitoring, sampling and controlling the different systems (connectable to PC with RAYANNIK software and controllable by MATLAB with special RAYANNIK library)