RN-MICRO+ PIC/AVR/8051 Microcontroller Training System


  • ATMEGA16 microcontroller (AVR family) + USB programmer
  • PIC16F877 microcontroller (PIC family) + USB programmer
  • AT89S51 microcontroller (8051 family) + USB programmer
  • 24 x LED, dot-matrix, HEX display and 4 digit multiplexed 7-segment
  • 16*2 character LCD and 128*64 graphical LCD
  • 8 x push-button switch and 8 x data latch switch
  • 4*4 keypad
  • MC14490 debounced circuit
  • Stepper motor with driver
  • DC motor with driver and shafted encoder sensor
  • Photo, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Infrared transmitter and receiver
  • HM-TRP transmitter and receiver
  • 12 bit analog to digital converter
  • 12 bit digital to analog converter
  • RS-232, RS-485 and USB units in order to PC interfacing
  • Ethernet driver and LAN connector
  • SD-MMC and EEPROM unit
  • External real time clock
  • Square wave oscillator
  • Speaker and buzzer
  • MT8870 tone decoder
  • +5v fixed power supply and breadboard
  • Turn on and turn off the active high and active low LEDs using microcontroller
  • Make a 4 bit counter on LEDs and 4 digit multiplexed 7-segment
  • Scan the push button and data latch switches
  • Remove the bounces of push button switches using MC14490
  • Numbers and letters counter on HEX display
  • Display the information on dot-matrix display
  • Display the information on character LCD
  • Display the information on graphical LCD
  • Keypad scan
  • Digital watch on character LCD with RTC
  • Investigation of analog to digital and digital to analog converter with external ADC and DAC
  • Digital thermometer on character LCD using NTC, LM35 sensor and internal ADC
  • Digital humidity meter on character LCD using resistive humidity sensor
  • Digital counter on character LCD
  • Setting up the stepper motor in full step situation
  • Setting up the DC motor using internal PWM generator
  • Measure the speed and angular position of DC motor with shafted encoder sensor
  • Connect and write the informations on external EEPROM
  • Connect and write the informations on external EEPROM
  • Wireless transmission of coded data using HM-TRP transmitter/receiver
  • Wireless transmission of coded data using infrared transmitter and receiver
  • Decode the tone signals using MT8870
  • Program the microcontroller using boot-loader technology
  • Setting up the Ethernet network using ENC28J60 and LAN connector
  • Connect to PC with USB connector and FT232 serial to USB converter
  • Connect to PC with DB9 connector and MAX232 serial driver
  • Investigation of RS485 protocol using MAX485

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