RN-PLC+ Advanced programmable logic controller trainer


  • CPU panel contains a CPU313C2-DP with 16 digital input (16 x on/off key, 16 x LED and 16 x terminal), 16 digital output (16 x LED and 16 x terminal) (connectable to PROFIBUS network)
  • HMI module contains of a 7 inch color DELTA HMI
  • Inverter module contains of a MICROMASTER-440 with BOP (connectable to PROFIBUS network)
  • Furnace module contains of a temperature controller between 0 to 300 degree, digital display and cooler system with variable rotation
  • I/O distribution module contains of ET-200 with 3 x analog input, 2 x analog output and 1 x PT100 input (connectable to PROFIBUS network)
  • Control panel contains of 3 x relay, 4 x indicator lamp, buzzer and 4 x key (start, stop, on-off and emergency key)
  • Sensor panel contains of a capacitive proximity sensor, inductive proximity sensor and opto-coupler proximity sensor
  • Simulator panel contains of a mainboard and 5 x mask (7segment mask, Parking mask, Automatic door mask, Mixer mask and Traffic light mask)
  • Power supply unit contains 3 groups terminal with 24V/5A
  • 3-phase squirrel cage asynchronous moto


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