RN-DAQ Data Acquisition Card


  • 6 Channel Analog Input (with 12 bit ADC)
  • 2 Channel Analog Output (with 12 bit DAC)
  • 8 Channel Digital Input (with different logic levels)
  • 8 Channel Digital Output (with TTL level)
  • 4 Channel PWM Input In order to Exact Frequency as Input or Variation of DutyCycle as Input
  • 2 Channel Incrimental Encoder Input with the Ability to Calculate Speed, Position and Direction of Rotation
  • RS-232 and RS-485 Input with the Ability to Adjust Performance Parameters
  • Connectable to Computer via USB2.0 Port with 12Mb/s
  • Connectable to Computer via Ethernet Network with 10Mb/s
  • Sampling Capability with 1KHz Frequency in USB Connecting Mode
  • Special Library (Rayannik Library) on Simulink/MATLAB
  • Special Remote Controller Software
  • USB and LAN Cable
  • 5 Volt fixed Power Supply
  • 6 Phonix Connector in Different pins
  • User Manual CD