RN-PDAQ Power Data Acquisition Card


  • 6 Channel AC/DC Voltage Input (Maximum Voltage: ±600V, Maximum Frequency: 1KHz, Maximum Accuracy: 50mV)
  • 6 Channel AC/DC Current Input (Maximum Amplitude: ±600V, Maximum Frequency: 1KHz, Maximum Accuracy: 20mA)
  • Ability to Automatic Measurement for Signal’s Parameters (such as V-rms, V-Average, V-max, Power Factor and … )
  • 12 Channel Digital Output
  • Connectable to Computer via USB2.0 Port with 12MB/s Speed
  • Ability to Sampling with 1KHz Frequency in Real-Time Mode and 10KHz Frequency in Monitoring Mode
  • Noise-Resistant design
  • Special Library (Rayannik Library) on Simulink/MATLAB
  • Special Remote Controller Software
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual CD